Victory Oregon

just one more of a long line of A-Team wins


We don't put every case we win on the web, we pick and choose. The banner case for the year 2001 was one we just finished on Corvallis, Oregon. Our client was facing charges on 11 felony counts. 7 of the 11 counts were for sexual abuse of his daughter. We followed the A-Team formula and had our client tested. As a result of the testing those 7 sexual abuse charges were dropped on the day that trial started. The jury was selected by Ken Pangborn trial consultant.

We went to trial on the 4 remaining charges. On the second day of trial the prosecution rested its case. The judge dismissed another count, leaving 3 to be decided by the jury. We finished our case Friday morning. On Friday afternoon the prosecutor called a rebuttal witness. The case went to the jury for a verdict on the 3 counts at 4 PM. At 3 minutes to 5 the jury came in with their verdict. NOT GUILTY on all 3 remaining counts. While in Oregon it only takes 10 jurors for a verdict, the verdict in this case was unanimous. Most of the hour that was used was used to select a foreman. The verdict was decided on the first ballot.

What is notable about this case was that our client had been in contact with numerous lawyers from all over Oregon. To a man, all told him that he stood no chance at all. And when the local Oregon lawyers heard what our "strategy" was, again to a man they all said; "You can't do that in Oregon." Well we did it. And we had done it before and it succeeded in several cases we had done in different parts of Oregon in the past. The client hung in with us and we destroyed the prosecution on the case. We were offered numerous "plea bargains" during the course of our being on the case. Our client was urged by everyone else to accept the pleas. He was repeatedly told that the offers were great and that a jury was 100% certain to convict. He was told that; "Benton County juries always convict in this type of case." We don't know how true that is, all we know for sure is that the jury did not convict on our case. Throughout the case we were confronted with hidden evidence that sprang at us during the trial. At one point the client was contacted by a police detective who had been in on his original arrest. While they say that it was "harmless" that they just wanted to get a "character reference" on somebody who wanted a job with the police department, we were just a little suspicious that a detective would be seeking a character reference from someone on trial for 11 felony counts. The judge expressed "deep concern" and said that the event was "troubling." It was a clear effort to send a message of intimidation.

We felt we had a strong case from the start. We had an innocent client and lots of evidence to support our position. We used only two of the four experts we had on tap. But this is just one more of a long line of A-Team wins.

(Note: minor editing was done to preserve the layout of the following document. No text was changed or edited except to preserve the privacy of parties involved.)